180 Shield

About Us

Hi, I'm Denisse- thanks for checking out our face shields!

My husband, Aldo, and I own a general contracting company here in Denver. During the beginning stages of this quarantine, my husband couldn't just sit by and watch what was happening on the news. We saw medical workers who had PPE on TV having to deal with flimsy face shields and many others stating that PPE wasn't being supplied to them nor could they source any online because the majority are coming from overseas. 

Aldo ventured into the garage and got to work with materials we had on hand from our contracting business. He came up with the first face shield prototype- a hand-made, hard acrylic face shield that offers full-face protection. We found nothing comparable in the market. 

We donated face shields to local paramedics and we got awesome reviews, but they suggested we added a foam barrier to the top of the face shield, much like what the generic flimsy face shields offer. (Some paramedics that came to our house didn't even have ANY face shields in their ambulance.) 

So, our second face shield model with the foam barrier on top was born. Again, we had paramedics try this option out- and it was a hit! 
Our kids, Eva and Alex, help in different steps of building and packaging the face shields, if their iPads allow. 

Next up, we decided to go online with this and make our face shields available to everyone...and that is where you come in to our story. 
Welcome to our website, we hope you love our face shields and find them as comfortable to wear as we do!  
Eva and Alex back when we had places to be and people to see :)